Dixon Proofreading & Scoping Services Precision. Flexibility. Exceptional Customer Service.
Dixon Proofreading & Scoping Services Precision. Flexibility. Exceptional Customer Service.

Being a Court Reporter is an extremely difficult job, and you’ve risen to the challenge.  But at the end of the day, wouldn’t it be nice to pass your transcript on to someone you trust so that you can relax and enjoy some well deserved time off?  Whether I’m proofreading or scoping your transcript, you can be sure that I will treat each and every transcript with the utmost care. I understand how critical it is to create and preserve a verbatim record, and my job is to ensure that your transcript is perfectly polished and ready to turn in while still keeping in mind any individual preferences you may have.


Contact me ​to discuss your proofreading or scoping needs so that you can enjoy some free time and peace of mind.

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