Dixon Proofreading & Scoping Services Precision. Flexibility. Exceptional Customer Service.
Dixon Proofreading & Scoping Services Precision. Flexibility. Exceptional Customer Service.

Testimonials from Reporters

"Elizabeth Dixon is an exceptional proofreader.  Not only is her service well-informed, thorough, and punctual, but working with her is a pleasure.  I would highly recommend entrusting your transcripts into her capable hands."



"Elizabeth is absolutely wonderful. She is extremely professional and accommodating. She pays very close attention to detail and does her utmost to help each of her clients. She is an absolute pleasure to work with."



"I feel extremely blessed to have found such an amazing proofreader.  Elizabeth goes above and beyond in researching and making sure my transcripts are impeccable.  Her attention to detail is evident, and whenever I’m in a crunch, she is always available."



"Elizabeth is wonderful!   She is very thorough and does not back off from even the most difficult of transcripts.  I cannot thank her enough for her excellent work. I would recommend her 100 percent!"



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