Dixon Proofreading & Scoping Services Precision. Flexibility. Exceptional Customer Service.
Dixon Proofreading & Scoping Services Precision. Flexibility. Exceptional Customer Service.

For the reporter whose name is on the transcript, having a correct and accurate record is of the utmost importance; yet reporters can have different preferences when it comes to a variety of grammatical nuances.  I maintain a preference sheet for each of my reporters to ensure that their transcript is proofread or scoped with their specific preferences in mind.  When it comes to punctuation corrections, I carefully consider the readability of the transcript before suggesting a correction strictly based on a rule.  Every word of your transcript will be carefully read, and I’ll always return the finished product on time.  This ensures an exceptional customer service experience for each and every client.

Proofreading Services

I proofread final draft (scoped) transcripts in .pdf format using an application that allows me to make annotations directly on the document.  This method keeps my eyes on your transcript at all times, which makes errors much easier to spot.  


While proofreading your transcript, I will look for the following types of errors:

  • incorrect attorney information (incorrect or misspelled names or contact information)
  • misspelled words
  • homophones
  • incorrect word order
  • capitalization errors
  • inconsistent information (different dates listed when referring to the same incident)

Only the annotated pages will be returned with all corrections clearly marked by blue highlighting and red text so that you can easily see them.  I also highlight the line number for each line containing a correction to help you quickly find each correction.

Scoping Services

I am on the latest version of Case CATalyst and transfer files via Dropbox, Google Drive, or sendthisfile.com.  Each and every transcript is always scoped to full audio, and I also take the time needed to ensure that I am checking for the same types of errors listed above in my proofreading services: spelling, grammar, punctuation, homophones, incorrect information, and inconsistencies.  I will follow any specific preferences you may have, and although I will leave you notes for any specific areas that I think you need to double-check, I will research as necessary to ensure that you receive a turn-in ready transcript.

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